• sexy clothes posted an update 2 weeks ago

    Swifties, shapewear slip rejoice! Taylor Swift has a new clothing line out — except it’s only available in China. Your options now? Book a first-class flight overseas or covet from the comforts of your computer screen. Take your pick, but either way, T-Swizzle’s threads are the definition of lust-worthy.

    Hong Kong Fashion Week kicks off today, where Swift’s collection made its adrenaline-pumping debut. The songtress joined forces with the Nashville-based company Heritage66 to launch an apparel line especially catered for the Chinese market. Counterfeit Taylor Swift merchandise and censorship troubles have been issues of the past, fueling the need for complete authenticity. After all, Swift commands a hefty following in China — Chinese fans christen her with the moniker Mei Mei — and the clothing line will satisfy the best of both worlds. Devotees will be able to rock Swift-approved gear fight against fake products while Queen Tay continues her reign abroad.